While most companies have a clear go to market strategy for their product and services, only few have an idea about what a pricing journey should look like.  

"As Pricing Managers or Pricing Function Leadersit is surprising to see that very few organisations have an active pricing strategy roadmap. Even if a 1% improvement in price can lead to 7-11% increase in profits (Harvard Business Review, 1992); Pricing is not always perceived as one of the top profit levers and often seen as a complex task still.  

However, without the right internal capabilities your pricing strategy will most likely fail. Therefore, the first step of any journey requires to decide where you want to go and take your Pricing function to the next step. A maturity assessment will allow you to determine the key capability gaps that must be addressed to improve your organisation’s performance and capture sustainable results. 

In this post, we will aim at decomplexifying for you the steps on how to perform your Pricing Evaluation Assessment so you can build your own roadmap and unlock the power of pricing. "

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